I love eating and cooking and then eating the food I just cooked. I love food. Looking at it, smelling it, picking it, storing it and then putting it into categories, I love sweet, sour, spicy food, you get the idea.

You could say that food is my passion and you are right, but along with it I also have a few other, like photography and my big love, digital design. What happens when you combine them all? Well, you get a food blog, a food blog about fresh, healthy, indulgent, quick and easy to prepare food, sometimes all combined, sometimes one or the other.

I want to share with you the meals I enjoy cooking for my friends, husband, family and for myself. So, come and join me in this journey where we can explore together amazing recipes that you would want                                                          to cook over and over again!

                                                          P.S. If you want to collaborate, or just say hi, contact me at hi@cristinasfoodblog.com